Zöe: ten shades of Nightshift

Released exactly three months ago, Nightshift’s second record still resonates in our minds. Symptomatic of an era where social life has turned to the dark side and distance has become the norm to protect oneself from an invisible enemy, Zöe … Read More

Wacky art punk and joy of living: we met Gustaf

With only two tracks under their belt, the quirky little Brooklyn band formed in 2018 is already making a big splash. Combining exuberance and self-mockery on rhythms that stick to the skin, Gustaf floods us with an uninhibited energy embodied … Read More

A Private Road: Laura Groves' new daydream

As this strange year draws to a close, what better way to brighten our darkest thoughts and momentarily blur the implacable reality of our new world than to daydream? Before taking out the champagne and throwing the confetti, we invite … Read More

Dummy defies genres in a new EP

We all agree that 2020 is, and will remain a disastrous year in many ways. However, for us, music lovers, this uncertain period of time will still have had the merit of giving rise to unexpected musical productions, each one … Read More