Ezra Furman : bientôt un nouvel EP

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Ezra Furman vient d’annoncer son nouvel EP Big Fugitive Life, dont la sortie est prévue le 19 août. Il succédera à Perpetual Motion People, paru il y a un an à peine. Un premier extrait du six-titres, Teddy I’m Ready, est déjà disponible.

Il explique au sujet de ce prochain disque qu’il sera un recueil des chansons que le groupe apprécie particulièrement, mais qui n’ont jamais trouvé leur place sur les albums précédents.

Big Fugitive Life is a group of our favourite orphaned songs that have banded together to form a unit. They are focused on the theme of the mind unmoored–those of us who have been left to drift unsupervised through the modern world. Four of these tracks were originally intended for inclusion on Perpetual Motion People. Two of them were for The Year of No Returning. But they weren’t ready until now.

Big Fugitive Life ferma un chapitre musical pour Furman et ses musiciens mais promet le début d’autre chose, plus grand encore.

We dedicate this record to refugees of all kinds, all over the world. May all the wanderers find the homes they seek, and and may those with power welcome them as fellow citizens of humanity. This feels like an end of a chapter for me, musically. A beautiful, insane chapter. Keep an ear out for our next phase – we’ve been dreaming big.

Ezra Furman et toute la folie qui l’accompagne en live seront au Pukkelpop le 17 août prochain.

Ezra Furman - Big Fugitive Life Packshot

Tracklist :

  1. Teddy I’m Ready
  2. Halley’s Comet
  3. Little Piece Of Trash
  4. Penetrate
  5. Splash Of Light
  6. The Refugee